Friday, August 21, 2009

It takes two to Tango..and also to pin down a 27 pound cat for a bath!

We're not doing the Tango over here...we're doing the Happy Dance because my bottom is finally clean!!! Mommy's friend, Brenda, came over and helped. Actually...she pinned me down while mommy scrubbed me with baby shampoo. I smell sooooooooooooo much better and all my yukky fur clumps are gone. Now mommy can see exactly where the medication needs to go. Check out the before and after photos!
I'm off to bed now...getting that bath was hard work! I am going to dream about the day when I can run and play with the other cats in the house. There's this hot little number named Herbie that I have my eye on...but I'll tell you more about him some other day.
Nighty night... Kinzi

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