Thursday, August 20, 2009

The first day of the rest of my life!

Hello world!
My name is Kinzi and I've just begun an important part of my life. I was dumped at an animal shelter by someone who didn't want me anymore. Right away the shelter staff called someone they know who likes "Chubsters"...and before I knew it I was being whisked away to my foster home! Ok, it's kind of hard to whisk away a 27 pound cat...but I hardly had time to get comfortable at the pound.

I've been to the vet and folks, it ain't pretty. I'm 12 pounds overweight. I have horrible urine scald (kind of like diaper rash) on my bottom and it's very raw and painful. My foster mommy will have to bathe and wipe me down and put cream on my backside for months, until I lose enough weight to be able to use the bathroom without it getting all over me. Ok so ya...that's gross. Maybe you didn't want to know that. But I'm speaking out because I want people to know how miserable it is to be an overweight pet. I ate what was given to's my previous owners fault that I am in this condition. It's animal cruelty! It's not like I can put the food in my bowl myself...or order pizza. So's the first day of my on-line journal. The photo was taken during my trip to the vet, right about the time the vet was mentioning that I have the fattest thighs she's ever seen (I'm so proud!). I have to get weighed every week...and at the rate suggested by the vet it will be about a year before I hit my goal weight.
Wish me luck!...and let's hope that me and my foster mommy don't get in too many fights while she's fussin' with my bottom!
Till next time...



  1. Thanks so much Phyllis for taking her and devoting your love, time, and energy to her!
    Can't wait to see her progress!

    Jill (Wyandotte Animal Shelter Volunteer)

  2. Thank you so much for taking her in,she is in great hands now. Your blog is so cute, I can't wait for the next installment!

    Erin (Wyandotte Animal Shelter Volunteer)

  3. I appreciate you so much for taking our girl Kinzi into your home, loving and caring for her as you have so many other precious animals from Wyandotte Animal Shelter. I look forward to folloing Kinzi's progress. I surely enjoy her blog. Bless you
    Sandy (Wyandotte Animal Shelter Volunteer)